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Blogger Workshops (Face-to-Face)

Register here for a blogger workshops help in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

A place for Mum bloggers and aspiring Mum bloggers to find support, pick up new skills and be part of a community of Mum’s building blogs and sharing experiences. 


Every day’s a school day, or so the saying goes.

Learning new skills and starting a blog can be hard without support. 

Just like the early days of motherhood launching a blog can feel overwhelming.

And, just like those early days we sought support from other Mums around us. This is no different. Let’s capitalise on the hivemind of the amazing ladies around us and learn together.

Each workshop will focus on key areas of development, with structured information as well as shared experiences.


The Mum Blogger World, is crowded and busy.

It can be hard to find genuine support, sure there are a lot of Facebook groups and communities but in my experience things get lost in ‘translation’ I can find myself frustrated by answers I receive (albeit well meaning).

Oh to be able to sit down, face-to-face and say “Help, I need support” and get it.

The digi-mamas workshops are the perfect environment to do just that.

Support, from likeminded people, who are likely getting stuck in the same place. Face-to-face, over a coffee and maybe a biscuit.


The curse of ‘B U S Y’ we’ve all got it. Our priority is our little ones, as well as the cleaning, laundry million other things on that list.

Which, gerneally means blogging is last. – Sound familiar?

Joining an active community is a great way to build alliances and create joint accountability partnerships. Maintaining a bit of priority on the thing you love doing – blogging!

If I know I’ve gotta swap articles with a friend and fellow blogger for a guest post, then guess what –  it gets done. 

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