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5 Types of Content to Post On Your Blog

The types of content you can post on your blog are only limited by your imagination. You can use simple text, video animated gifs, images and PLR content. When you run out of blogging ideas, why not have someone else provide a guest blog post? And how about curated content?

The point is, there are plenty of different types of content you can use to get your idea across. Work the following 5 types of content into your blog and you will break up the monotony for your readers, drive engagement and enjoy a more effective web presence.

Top 10 (or 21, or 50 or 101) List Posts

Top 10 lists work great. The title almost always gets clicked on, and these types of blog posts are very easy to write. You do not have to stick to just 10 tips or pieces of information. Several studies have shown that (aside from the number 10) uneven numbers like 5, 21 and 101 used in a blog post title get clicked on more frequently than even numbers.

Video Blog Post

When your entire blog is nothing but text, it becomes hard to read (not to mention boring). Why not shoot a quick video solving one common problem that people in your marketplace or niche suffer from? Shooting a video and using it as your blog post, with the transcription listed in text form below that video, shows your readers that you are a real person and not just some web address. This drives likability, trust and engagement.

Curated Content

There seems to be some confusion out there as to just what curated content is. When you post content on your blog that was curated somewhere else, you are simply providing links to other blogs and websites in your industry that are sharing great information. This helps when you run out of blog post ideas, and also provides a nice SEO benefit when Google and the other search engines see you linking to respected websites in your niche. Then simply add some text which tells why you agree or disagree with the article or post you are linking to.

Public Label Rights Material

This type of content has been popular with blog and website owners for many years. And for good reason. Public label rights (PLR) material can be purchased inexpensively, and in literally thousands of different niches and fields. Often times you can purchase10 or 30 or 52 PLR blog posts in your niche, which puts your content creation on autopilot.

Guest Bloggers

This is one of the very best types of content to post on your blog. Find other popular bloggers in your niche. Tell them that you will happily provide a link back to their blog if they create a valuable blog post for your site. Many times they will ask you to reciprocate. Your blog’s SEO benefits, and you have someone else free up your valuable time by creating your content for you.

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