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digi-mama is a community of women who are profiting online!


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Founded and lead by Chrissie Auton, read her story below.

Chrissie is a professional business coach and working mum passionate about making a difference to the lives of women also wanting to find a genuine work-life balance.

digi-mama works with with the SFM Community and Digital Experts Academy to offer a simple and comprehensive solution to building an profitable online business from scratch.

That is, without any previous experience in digital marketing or technical know-how.

Cleverly combining the training and peer-to-peer community resources with Chrissie’s 5 years expereince as a professional business coach has a tailor-made package for getting you up and running and earning while you are learning

Earning a profit, while you learn your new skills.

That means, you can start earning almost immediately while picking up your new skills and receiving 1:1 coaching from a Digital Marketing Expert and Business Coach. offers support at every stage of the journey from Chrissie and other people going through the exactly the same process.

I’m a Professional Business Coach, Digital Marketeer and Founder of I’m also a working mama, just like you, juggling work, children and life.

Or, at least I was.

I now have the freedom and flexibility of being able to earn my living via the internet, on my own terms with a life designed around mine and my family’s needs.

I started because I wanted to help other women like me to escape the dredge of the 9-5.

So, welcome to the site and I look forward to getting to know you.

What Our Mama’s Say

I could not have done this without the support of Chrissie, she’s been fantastic. I’ve called on her services as a coach on many occasions to help with setting my business up and sometime with more personal challenges I was facing. What ever I’ve need to talk about she’s been there. I’m well on my way to having a successful online business.

Anka Wielochowska

Busy Mama of 2

My Story

How It All Started

My story began while I was pregnant with my first child, my Daughter.

Being a self-employed professional business coach and IT consultant I faced the prospect of loosing my income once I got into the final few weeks of pregnancy and when my baby was born.

My job involved a lot of contact with coaching clients and as an IT consultant it often meant travelling away from home to a client’s headquarters. That was not going to be possible anymore, I wouldn’t be able to work so I wouldn’t get paid.

It was going to be tough financially and, I loved my work. I had built a career out of helping people inside the workplace as an IT Consultant and outside of the workplace as a Business/Life Coach.

But, as a self-employed mother to be I faced a uncertain financial future.

I wanted the financial piece of mind that I could take time off with my Daughter and to continue working but on my terms so I was on the hunt for a new venture. Not too much to ask – right?

Looking for Home-based Opportunities

So, I started looking around for home-based work opportunities.

And, if you have looked around you’ll know there are a lot of them around everything from franchises offering languages lessons for children to selling health and well-being products through companies like Forever Living and Avon.

The problem with that was two fold – I HATE SELLING! And, I’m still wanted to use my skills as a coach to help people. The skills I had spent 5+ years acquiring and honing.

But none of the opportunities I found seemed to combine the two.

That was until I stumbled across the SFM Community and Digital Experts Academy.

I Found A Solution

The SFM Community and Digital Experts Academy, DEA offer a step-by-step system to creating an online business. That is, building a digital business from my laptop, from scratch without any previous experience.

It was perfect.

But, if I’m totally honest I was skeptical.

I had spent a long time in IT climbing the corporate ladder and later as a consultant and coach.

Everything has gone digital, that’s was for sure but I could not get my head around how I could make money online.

I signed up for the free 7 day video training thinking “I’ve got nothing to loose” … I’d tried most other solutions to my problem. But, what followed blew me away.

Each day was a like a new revelation and it made total sense. When I looked around I could see exactly how people were making money online and I was hooked.

I when I submitted my application I was so excited.

I couldn’t get through the modules of training quick enough! The weekly webinars were also really useful, they helped to clarify what I was learning.

Earning while I was learning - $2000/week!

The training starts by learning the new skills as a way to share and market the SFM Community and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) and earn a commission. the commissions vary from; $20, $197 – $1000, $2000 and up to $8000 commission per sale.

I don’t know about you but my reaction to that was “FANTASTIC !! Music to my ears…”

As soon as I implemented their simple steps, I was earning and learning.

I only needed a couple of sales a week to be earning up to $2000/week – that’s £1300 in UK terms. Without any overheads and without having to travel to an office and leave my daughter.

  • No Selling
  • No Product Parties
  • No Cold Calling 
  • No Travel 
  • No Boss 
  • No Job . . . 

Just me at home, with my laptop! And I was earning nearly £5,000/month. That’s the equivalent of a full-time employed salary of £90,000/year.

Time-wise I was able to fit in working around my daughter, once she was in bed or napping I was free to watch a training video and do some activities online.

Since Then ... digi-mama was born!

Since then I have honed my skills and combined them with my passion for coaching to create – which I am extremely proud of. My overall ambition with starting was to help other women just like me claim back there time and lives.

Other women who were, perhaps, self-employed and faced the same terrifying prospect I did when once they were unable to work and earn or women who were struggling with work-life balance once they had returned to work.

Whatever the circumstances, and I’ve worked with women in all different situations, they had a desire to break free of the 9-5 office routine swapping time for money and focus on what is most important, family.

The SFM Community and Digital Experts Academy is by far the most comprehensive digital business system so I continue to use this as a backdrop with

There really is nothing else like it on the Internet.

And, with I combine 1:1 coaching and support to students and members helping them to overcome any challenges they might face along the way and also truly maximise their potential, which is the difference between ticking along and substantial earnings.


I feel blessed to have worked with and met the women I have on my journey and privileged to be part of their success stories. I am passionate about making a difference to peoples lives and by combining my love for coaching and ninja-like skills for digital marketing I am to do just that.

All on my own terms while never having to sacrifice a precious moment with my family.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.

Take a chance and sign-up for the training, you have nothing to loose and it is completely free – no credit card needed. The videos are simple, informative and eye opening – Stuart and Jay have a real flare for simplifying the complicated and getting their points across…

A Few Words From Co-Founder of SFM Community – Stuart Ross

Here are a few videos recorded by the co-Founder of the SFM Community and Digital Experts Academy that we at are proud to be working with. These videos outline some of the most common questions mama’s ask when they are considering getting started, so spend a few moments watching each one is 3-6 minutes in length and the full series can be found at out FAQ’s Page 

What It’s All About

Will I Be Doing Personal Selling?

Is This Another Scam?

How Quickly Can I Make Money

How To Get Started

Getting started is easy, completely free and without any obligation – NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED! Simply sign-up to receive your 7 Day Training Video Series and each day you’ll be sent a new video to watch outlining how to make a profit online. You can unsubscribe at any time. Once you’ve decided to go ahead there is a nominal application fee $29 – which is has a 100% moneyback guarantee. So, no risk.

Step 1

Sign Up For Your Free – 7 Day Training

Sign-up for your free 7 Day Training is easy – start here! There really is nothing to loose, the training is free and carries no obligation (no credit cards needed). Once you register you’ll be sent a video a day for 7 days explaining exactly how you can make a profit online and build an digital business from scratch without any previous experience.


Start Here! 

Step 2

Watch The Videos & Consider The Opportunity

Day-by-day you will learn exactly how to earn extraordinary profits online by building your very own digital business, with multiple revenue streams and a firm foundation. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Just sit back, watch and learn.

I’m 100% certain you’ll be as blown away as I was when I first saw how easy it was. As you watch, imagine your new life on your terms.

Freedom & Flexibility

Step 3

Submit You Application

At the end of the 7 days you will know whether this opportunity is for you and you can submit your application. There is a nominal free of $29 (less than £20) this will give you access to loads of bonus training material and the Digital Skills Platform. There is a 100% Moneyback Guarantee so it’s totally RISK FREE



Free Video Training Series

Supported every step of the way by a dedicated digital marketing expert and business coach

Sign Up For Your Free – 7 Day Training

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Join the many women already profiting online today and receive support, training and a system that is the best on the web.

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