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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is plain and simply a method of marketing where you can earn a commission or fee for promoting other peoples products or services. Like recommending a restaurant or bar to a friend excepted you earn a commission every time you may a recommendation that results in a sale.

Bring that into the online world and it looks something like this.

You, the Affiliate, agree to promote products and or services via your webpage, your blog, your email campaigns or what ever method you regularly use, and any sales you make will earn you, the Affiliate, a set fee / commission or an agreed percentage payment.


Affiliate Marketing if done right can be very lucrative, there are an awful lot of people earning an excellent living just by promoting other peoples products.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you don’t have to worry about creating your own product and you won’t have to deal with customers or customer support issues.

Your main skill set needed to become an Affiliate Marketer is some basic internet marketing knowledge and more importantly “the desire to succeed” 

How Do I Earn Money As An Affiliate Marketer

So, let’s look a little closer at the SFM Affiliate Scheme. Firstly, the commission package is up to 40% – and in real money that means earning between $20 – $8000 for every referral that results in a sale. As I mentioned in my story it really don’t take long before they start mounting up into substantial income every month.

And, that’s not the best bit.


What Is Passive Income?

The best bit is something called ‘Passive Income‘ … Passive Income is the income you make while you’re not working, while your not in front of the computer tapping away on the keyboard.

It is the income you make while you’re asleep or out with the children.

Think about it, the internet is a 24/7 – 365 machine. It never sleeps which means your offers are ALWAYS online and earning. Because you are using affiliate marketing and selling someone else’s product and services your entire business can be automated.

Passing recommendations to your vendor and earning from the resulting sale.


How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketeer?

There are lots of different ways to become successful at Affiliate Marketing and there are lots of different programmes, merchants and vendors out there who are more than willing to pay you their Affiliate a decent percentage of commission over to you for promoting their products.

The easiest way without any prior experience or without any technical knowledge is to sign-up for the FREE 7day video training series. 

You’ll learn exactly exactly how affiliate marketing works and how you can set up your own online business.

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