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Creating Engaging Content – Top Tips! 

In an age where there are some many things competing for our attention, attention is at a premium. As you read this post now, there  are mostly likely at least 5 other things competing for your attention.

So, I’ll keep it short and snappy!

Here are some great ways of creating engaging content:

  1. Make Lists

Everyone loves lists (like the one you’re reading now). A great way to get people engaged with your visuals is to gather ideas, write a quick blurb on each, and present the items in a list format. Make an infographic that looks nice and it’ll be easy for your readers to consume.


  1. Teach Your Readers

Take your expertise in your field and use it to teach your readers something they don’t know how to do. Present it to them in clear, easy steps visually so they can take it in at a glance.


  1. Create an FAQ

Brainstorm a list of common questions you hear from customers and compile them into a visual Frequently Asked Questions. Present the information as a mind map that’s clickable so they can go straight to the question they have for its answer.


  1. Curate Excellent Content

You don’t need to create all visual content yourself. Along with creating your own content, find good content your audience would love and share it with them.


  1. Don’t Worry about Length

With visual content, length isn’t a major consideration. One image with a few words of text can be just as helpful to your audience as a 100-page ebook. For ebooks, blog posts, visuals and other content, focus on quality and not length. Size does matter ladies!

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