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Get started today with 7 days free training and redesign your life on your terms, gain financial freedom and peace of mind.

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*** We are a community of mama’s who are profiting online! Founded and lead by Chrissie Auton. Chrissie is a professional business coach and working mama passionate about making a difference to the lives of women also wanting to find genuine work-life balance. digi-mama works with the SFM Community and Digital Experts Academy to offer a simple and comprehensive solution to building an profitable online business from scratch. No previous experience in digital marketing or technical know-how is necessary Cleverly combining the training and peer-to-peer community resources with Chrissie’s 5 years expereince as a professional business coach digi-mama and SFM has a tailormade package for getting you up and running and earning while you are learning Earning a profit, while you learn your new skills. That means, you can start earning almost immeditately while picking up your new skills and receiving 1:1 coaching from a Digital Marketing Expert and Business Coach. digi-mama offers support at every stage of the jounery by Chrissie and other people going through the exactly the same process.
It’s Just Not About The Money
“It’s about earning well, living life on your terms and never missing out on those precious moments with your little ones…”
*** Building an online business is a lifestyle choice. You choose time and financial freedom, prioritise what’s important without sacrificing family life, and invest in yourself for the future. All this by dedicating 1-2 hours a day to widening your horizons and learning some new skills.
Blog – Read.Listen.Watch

5 Types of Content to Post On Your Blog

5 Types of Content to Post On Your Blog The types of content you can post on your blog are only limited by your imagination. You can use simple text, video animated gifs, images and PLR content. When you run out of blogging ideas, why not have someone else provide a...

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5 Tips for Writing On Your Blog

5 Tips for Writing On Your Blog One of the hardest parts of starting a blog is the writing. Once you figure out the technology, you've got to get the writing part down. The thing about writing blog posts is that it's honestly not that hard to do. If you can speak...

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Talk Yourself Confident

Talk Yourself Confident Have you ever stopped to listen to how you speak to yourself? Take a second to recall the last conversation you had with yourself, how did it go? Was it kind, compassionate or true … ? Would you speak to your best friend that way? I’m asking so...

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Free Video Training Series

Supported every step of the way by a dedicated digital marketing expert and business coach

Sign Up For Your Free – 7 Day Training

How To Get Started

Getting started is easy, completely free and without any obligation – NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED! Simply sign-up to receive your 7 Day Training Video Series and each day you’ll be sent a new video to watch outlining how to make a profit online. You can unsubscribe at any time. Once you’ve decided to go ahead there is a nominal application fee $29 – which is has a 100% moneyback guarantee. So, no risk.

Step 1

Sign Up For Your Free – 7 Day Training

Sign-up for your free 7 Day Training is easy – start here! There really is nothing to loose, the training is free and carries no obligation (no credit cards needed). Once you register you’ll be sent a video a day for 7 days explaining exactly how you can make a profit online and build an digital business from scratch without any previous experience.


Start Here! 

Step 2

Watch The Videos & Consider The Opportunity

Day-by-day you will learn exactly how to earn extraordinary profits online by building your very own digital business, with multiple revenue streams and a firm foundation. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Just sit back, watch and learn.

I’m 100% certain you’ll be as blown away as I was when I first saw how easy it was. As you watch, imagine your new life on your terms.

Freedom & Flexibility

Step 3

Submit You Application

At the end of the 7 days you will know whether this opportunity is for you and you can submit your application. There is a nominal free of $29 (less than £20) this will give you access to loads of bonus training material and the Digital Skills Platform. There is a 100% Moneyback Guarantee so it’s totally RISK FREE



What Our Mama’s Say
I returned to work after my third child and hated it. My job involved a lot of extra hours and some travel. I was really unhappy with the amount of time I was getting to spend with my family. I started looking for a more flexible/home-based job or business opportunity and found digi-mama, after clicking on an advert. It has totally changed my working and home life. I’m earning more than I was when I was working and I’m at home with my children. Thank you digi-mama!! Claire Wright

Busy Mama of 3

Free Video Training Series

Supported every step of the way by a dedicated digital marketing expert and business coach

Sign Up For Your Free – 7 Day Training
Just some of the training we offer …
The Digital Experts Academy & SFM is an exceptional resource, packed full of video training tutorials designed to get you up and running (Profiting) quickly. Easy to follow, step-by-step guides mean you’ll find the journey enjoyable and simple. The training programmes provides digi-mamas with the opportunity to quickly start or grow a profitable online business that can be run from home around your family. All of the modules are designed as hands-on and you will benefit vastly from the support of the community and a qualified business coach as you progress through through the system. At each step you will complete actions that that take your business, mindset and online presence to the next level – putting you in a position to start profiting as quickly as possible.
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What Our Mama’s Say
I’m a complete techno-phob! And, if I can do it anyone can. I tried Avon before but I found the selling side of it really difficult and time consuming. I wasn’t making any more at all. Now I’ve got an online business, I can’t believe it. All thanks to digi-mama and SFM Jenni Fields

Busy Working Mama

Business Systems
What Our Mama’s Say
It took 2 months to get set up and start earning! I’ve just had my first $8000 month. It’s changed my life totally. Thank you digi-mama, SFM and Chrissie for all of your help and support. Joanna Kendel

Busy Mama of 2

Membership Options
5 Good Reasons To Join Us

We Get You!

We get you, we are like you and we have all been in your situation. Some of us are exactly where you are right now and we’re all in this together, ready to lend a hand.

You’ll Be Supported

You will be supported every step of the way. By the community, through the modular training and 1:1 with a professional business coach and digital marketer with years of experience.

We Care!

Here at digi-mama we care, we care about every mama in the community. Chrissie, the Founder has a deep passion for helping you fulfil your dreams and will go to extraordinary lengths to help the mama’s in the community build the life they deserve.

Results Guaranteed

Using the SFM model/business system and digi-mama support we guarantee you’ll get results. Of course, this will depend on your commitment to take action too. But this tried and tested model is fool-proof! And, the expert guidance will be priceless.

We Believe You Can

Most importantly we believe you can and you will too once you get started. We all have the capacity to achieve our full potential in the right environment with the right tools and support.

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s time to make a change and start your thriving online business. Supported by a dedicated digital marketing expert and business coach every step of the way.

Sign Up For Your Free – 7 Day Training

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