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My Story

How It All Started

My story began while I was pregnant with my daughter Henrietta.

Being a self-employed professional business coach and IT consultant I faced the prospect of loosing my income once I got into the final few weeks of pregnancy and when my baby was born.

My job involved a lot of contact with coaching clients and as an IT consultant it often meant travelling away from home to a client’s headquarters. That was not going to be possible anymore, I wouldn’t be able to work so I wouldn’t get paid.

It was going to be tough financially and, I loved my work. I had built a career out of helping people inside the workplace as an IT Consultant and outside of the workplace as a Business/Life Coach.

But, as a self-employed mother to be I faced a uncertain financial future.

I wanted the financial piece of mind that I could take time off with my daughter and when the time came continue working but on my terms so I was on the hunt for a new venture. Not too much to ask – right?

I Started Blogging

So, I started looking around for home-based work opportunities.

And, if you have looked around you’ll know there are a lot of them around. There is everything from franchises offering languages lessons for children to selling health and well-being products through companies like Forever Living and Avon.

The problem with that was two fold – I HATE SELLING!

And, I’m still wanted to use my skills as a coach to help people. The skills I had spent 5+ years acquiring and honing.

Add to that I had always fancies myself as a writer, more specifically a blogger.

So I thought, why not – let’s give it a try.

I started blogging – – take a look

I Found A Solution

The puzzle I had to solve then was HOW on earth was I going to make a living blogging.

I did what I do best, googled it – to within an inch of it’s life. I love a good research project. Ask my other half, Ryan. I once spent 2 week researching shower heads when we needed a new one.

That was, of course, before I have children – LOL! Not I barely have time to use the loo.

I digress.

I sent up my blog and embarked on an online course in ‘How to earn a living blogging’


And within a month or so I was set-up and then something amazing happened, I earned some money from it …

Not a lot admittedly but I did. And, I was HOOKED!

Since Then ... digi-mama was born!

Since then I have honed my skills and combined them with my passion for coaching to create – which I am extremely proud of. My overall ambition when starting was to help other women just like me claim back there time and lives.

Other women who were, perhaps, self-employed and faced the same terrifying prospect I did when once they were unable to work and earn or women who were struggling with work-life balance once they had returned to work.

Whatever the circumstances, and I’ve worked with women in all different situations, they had a desire to break free of the 9-5 office routine swapping time for money and focus on what is most important, family.

I combine 1:1 coaching and support  helping them to overcome any challenges they might face along the way and also truly maximise their potential, which is the difference between ticking along and substantial earnings.

Essentially, I’ll share with you how I got up and running so you can too.

5 Good Reasons To Join


I Get You!

I get you, I am like you and I have all been in your situation. Some of the mama’s in this community are exactly where you are right now and we’re all in this together, ready to lend a hand.

You’ll Be Supported

You will be supported every step of the way. By the community, through the modular training and with 1:1 coaching sessions with me (Chrissie) a professional business coach and digital marketer with years of experience.

I Care!

Here at digi-mama I care, I care about every mama in the community. I have a deep passion for helping you fulfil your dreams and will go to extraordinary lengths to help the mama’s in the community build the life they deserve.

Results Guaranteed

Using the SFM model/business system and digi-mama support I guarantee you’ll get results. Of course, this will depend on your commitment to take action too. But this tried and tested model is fool-proof! And, the expert guidance will be priceless.

I Believe You Can

Most importantly I believe you can and you will too once you get started. Everyone has the capacity to achieve their full potential in the right environment with the right tools and support.

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